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Standard Inspection Checks for a Home:

Home with pool
    Exterior of home:
  • Remove junk mail/flyers from mailbox and front door
  • Inspect yard and planting beds for trash and weeds
  • Monitor landscaping
  • Perform visual inspection of siding, roof, and gutters for obvious issues
  • Check for drainage issues
  • Check doors and windows for signs of break-in
  • Inspect for vandalism
  • Inspect for obvious insect infestation or pest presence
  • Check exterior lighting
  • Check pool/spa for obvious issues

    Interior of home:
  • Ensure security system is functioning
  • Check fire/smoke/CO2 alarms
  • Check temperature/humidity settings on thermostats
  • Check for vandalism
  • Inspect for obvious pest presence or insect infestation
  • Check for water leaks
  • Run water in sinks and baths – check under sinks
  • Flush stagnant water in toilets
  • Run garbage disposal
  • Check appliances (cycle dishwasher & washing machine monthly)
  • Check windows and doors
  • Check lights and fans
  • Check breaker box
  • Check water heater/water system
  • Inspect air filter(s)
  • Change timers on lights

    Concierge Services:
  • Monthly starting of vehicle
  • Move in/move out tenant key exchange
  • Move in/move out photo documentation and inspection
  • Welcome Home Pack with your essentials for returning to your vacation home
  • move/retract any hurricane shutters that you have in place
  • Take out and arrange any outdoor furniture you may have stored in the garage while you were away
  • Special Air B & B, Home Away, and My Vacation Home packages to make sure you are getting the highest host ratings