Who are we?

KDC Home Protection Services provides the absolute best in home watch service in Florida and Washington state. At KDC we believe a house is more than an asset, even if it isn’t your full-time home, and our services and care reflect that belief. The KDC family has been involved in the Real Estate and Property Management field since 1990.

Protect Your Home

Tampa and its surrounding cities are home to more than 700 miles of gorgeous shorelines. From Clearwater to St. Petersburg. Thousands of people own beachfront property and call it home, or even a winter home. For nearly a century, the Tampa area has not received a direct blow from the state’s numerous, devastating category 3+ hurricanes. While this is wonderful, it has allowed many generations of Tampa residents to grow complacent, and leave their homes unprotected.

“A Boston firm that analyzes potential catastrophic damage reported that the region would lose $175 billion in a storm the size of Hurricane Katrina. A World Bank study called Tampa Bay one of the 10 most at-risk areas on the globe.”

In 1992, hurricane Andrew destroyed 63,000 homes and damaged more than 100,000 others. It left 175,000 Floridians homeless. The Sunshine State is a temperate, beautiful, oceanside state. It’s a great place to live or own property, especially on the water. Though, like all environments, it has its risks. KDC can put your mind at ease with our round-the-clock service. Part of our guarantee is ensuring your hurricane shutters are in good repair, and are installed on your home before the hurricane makes landfall.

Home watch means more than house sitting. When a storm is rapidly approaching, people will be on their way out, but KDC will be going in to save your belongings. Pets, clothes, photo albums, computers; KDC can keep your property safe while you are away. Don’t let your home become another statistic in the coming storms. Choose home watch. Choose KDC.


Interior of Home

Ensure security system is functioning; Check fire/smoke/CO2 alarms; Check temperature/humidity settings on thermostats; Check for vandalism... Click to learn more.

Exterior of Home

Remove junk mail/flyers from mailbox and front door; Inspect yard and planting beds for trash and weeds; Monitor landscaping... Click to learn more.


Concierge Services

Monthly starting of vehicle; Move in/move out tenant key exchange; Move in/move out photo documentation and inspection... Click to learn more.


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